Circular regarding Coins, Monuments & Antiquities (Kornneuburg April 14, 1812)

Circular (P.Z.3259/2-91) of the Imperial and Royal District Authority of the V.U.M.B. (=Viertel unter dem Manhartsberg, Lower Austria), Regarding coins, monuments, and other antiquities. Given Kornneuburg April 14, 1812. No place & printer (1812). Sm. fol. 2 pp. With printed signature of district captain Czech.

Circular regarding Coins, Monuments & Antiquities (Kornneuburg April 14, 1812)

Framing-possible  broadsheet  (under double-sided passepartout). – With reference to the notification of the State authority of March 31, + the court chancellery decree of March 5 of the same year as well as the proclamations of Feb. 24, + Nov. 2, 1776 + Feb. 14, 1782, it is repeated that “the old coins found from time to time, of which kind they may be, have to be sent in in every case to submit suchlike coins, if they are not already in the imperial and royal numismatic cabinet, against indemnification of the inner value to the same”. Other antiquities and memorials – as listed in particular – should be proceeded likewise.

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„ ich wende mich in (obiger) Angelegenheit an Sie als ausgewiesene Johann-Elias-Ridinger-Experten … “

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