Hasty Barber

Barber, Hasty, on a town bridge in front of a house quarter with a steeple, a passer-by pulling his leg. Toned lithograph after Wilhelm Camphausen (1818 Dusseldorf 1885) for Arnz & Co. Dusseldorf. C. 1850. 7¼ × 8¾ in (18.5 × 22.3 cm).

(Dusseldorf Monthlies) IV, 6. – Prevailingly in the white lower margin somewhat foxing and faint tidemark.

Lessee: Have you time? – Barber: Yes, indeed. – Lessee: Well, then don’t run so!

Offer no. 11,271 / EUR  120. (c. US$ 145.) + shipping

“ Thank you very much for your prompt and very cooperative handling of this order. I very much look forward to seeing the map ”

(Mr. D. R.-H., January 26, 2005)