Johann Wilhelm Preyer, A Sparrow's Breakfast

Preyer, Johann Wilhelm (Rhyedt 1803 – Dusseldorf 1889). (A Sparrow’s Breakfast.) On the snowy road in a hazy morning a flight of sparrows contends for a horse’s legacy while ignoring that of the rider – a pipe’s head. Meanwhile both in the middle distance. Here a farm, too. Steel engraving by Thomas Heawood (c. 1850 – Leipsic before 1911). C. 1852. Inscribed: Preyer pinxt. / T. Heawood sc. / Verlag d. Englischen Kunstanstalt v. A. H. Payne, Leipzig & Dresden., otherwise in German as above. 6⅜ × 7⅛ in (16.1 × 18.2 cm). – After the painting from 1852 (Boetticher 16).

“ Painted since 1828 highly faithful little still-lifes of flowers and fruits in oil and watercolor, besides in oil delicious small landscapes of idyllic character markedly related to those of his brother Gustav … Justly ranks as Germany’s most important fruit still-life painter in the 19th century and as the by far best painting technician of the Dusseldorf School ”

(Alfred Schubert, Thieme-Becker XXVII [1933], pp. 393 f.).

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