Mann zum Gedenken, Thomas. (Ed. by the Thomas Mann study group of the cultural league for the democratic renewal of Germany, district Potsdam. Redacted by Georg Wenzel et al.) Potsdam 1956. 171 pp. With 1 portrait plate paginated with. Orig. h. cloth (partly somewhat darkened).

INCLUDED: T. M., Friedrich Schiller, Speech of the Day, + address at the Schiller University Jena as well as correspondence, i. a. with Alfred Kantorowicz (pp. 13-45). Further contributions by Otto Basler (To the 80th Birthday, pp. 49-55, in German), Arnold Zweig, Hermann Hesse, Erich Heller (The Story of an Artist, pp. 79-90), Georg Wenzel (Nobility of Mind, pp. 103-128, in German), and others. – One contribution each in French and English resp.

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