Johann Georg Meyer of Bremen, The Flower Girl

Meyer of Bremen, Johann Georg (Bremen 1813 – Berlin 1886). The Flower Girl. Sitting to the left at a window, a basket full of flowers on her lap and binding a wreath. Steel engraving by Albert Henry Payne (London 1812 – Leipsic 1902). C. 1845. Inscribed: J. G. Meyer pinxt. / A. H. Payne sc. / Verlag u. Druck d. Englischen Kunstanstalt von A. H. Payne, Leipzig & Dresden., otherwise in French-English-German as above. 8¾ × 6 in (22.2 × 15.2 cm).

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“ Sir, yes, (the Rubens) is closer to the one in London (recte Dresden), but the one we have is on copper. Thank you for your time. Highest regards, D… A… (and yes America could use a blessing about now) ”

(Mr. D. A., November 4, 2003)