Eugène Lami, Grande fête au Château de Versailles

Lami, Eugène Louis (1800 Paris 1890). Grande fête au Château de Versailles / Une Soirée chez le Duc d’Orléans. 2 plates. Colored steel engravings by Charles Rolls (London about 1838/51). 1842. 4½ × 6½-6⅝ in (11.5 × 16.5-16.7 cm).

Eugène Lami, Une Soirée chez le Duc d'Orléans

Cultural-historically interesting documentary illustrations :

“ Besides the draughtsman of the bourgoisie (Henry Monnier) Lami was the most favourite painter of the elegant society in London and Paris … Lami revels in the depiction of stylishly dressed women, he is the draugtsman of the crinoline of the ’40s … As documents of the history of customs and morals … of inestimable value. No other period took that intense interest in its own appearance as the generation living in Paris under the civil kingdom ”


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