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Kyaw – (The World-Famous Königstein Fountain’s Address out of His Depth to Those looking at him from above.) 24 lines. C. between 1715 and 1733. Sm. folio. 1 sheet.

Quite whimsical ode (broadsheet?) in wide setting, telling the history of the fountain and singing the praise of the wholesomeness of its water:

“ … am I now savoury, fresh, and pure / Also better against the thirst than Alicantian wine … / Regale yourself with me, you, my esteemed guests / And don’t be frightened there above for I stand fast below. ”

The dating of this

quite  unique  early  advertising  message

results the mention of both Elector Augustus the Strong of Saxony and, as particularly advocating the development of the fountain, Frederick William of Kyaw (also Kyau) who as electoral Saxon major-general and friend of exactly Augustus the Strong had become commander of the Königstein in 1715 where, being appointed lieutenant-general in 1723, he died in 1733. The very same year as the Elector, a friend to him, who still lived when the poem was published for

“ The cup which, as a remembrance, stands here / Elector Augustus himself has turned with his hands / Thus pour out to the health of Him who still protects me … ”

The earthy Kyaw’s authorship, a “man much-mentioned for his witticism and his funny pranks”, should arise from both the mention of Augustus who was fond of him and his own intimate relation with the foun-tain “where he created much still being” (Mr. Poten in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie) which also follows from the poem itself:

Kyaw - The World-Famous Königstein Fountain's Address out of its Depth

“ The Baron of Kyaw has done my fountain-house / For that neither ice nor snow nor rain touch me. / What for forty years people turned on my base / That my general completed in one year / Hence I am now savoury … ”

Notorious and famous “for his hilarious pranks” (Hayn-Gotendorf III, 647), his “extended hospitality, his inexhaustible humor, and his (sometimes broad) jokes”, the secret of his best biographer’s pen-name – Gre-gander, also Cregander, possibly even Kyau’s same-named cousin who extolled the 76th birthday? – has never been lifted. Just as that of the biography of 1735 by the pseudonymous Sincerus Jocosus, missing in Hayn-Gotendorf as well as Weller, while the faked printing place “Cölln”, still unbeknownst to H.-G., could be related to Wittekind in Eisenach. The editions of “Remarkable Life and Deeds of the World-Famous Roy. Polish and Electoral Saxon Lieutenant-General and Commander of the Citadel Königstein … From Reliable News and Documents” between, first, 1735 and 1772 are many, yet even one hundred years later a pub-lisher protected himself by anonymity (Kyau’s Funny Jokes and Rollicking Pranks, publ. by E. v. O...n. 1840).

Not bothering foldings aside evenly quite lightly browned with only isolated further negligible fox and age spots, otherwise fine & wide-margined, with deep typography and large watermark.

For  Saxon  local  as  well  as  German  cultural  history

just  as  for  the  friend  of  beneficial  water

a  singular  collection  jewel .

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