Jakob Fürchtegott Dielmann, Bucolic lovers

Dielmann, Jakob Fürchtegott (? Sachsenhausen 1809 – Kronberg/Ts. 1885). Bucolic lovers. Sitting at the edge of a wood the boy with sickle rest his head on the girl’s shoulder. She with a flower in her hand. On the left view across a water with parish on the other bank. Etching after the design of 1861 by J. Eissch... (illegible) at H. Siedentopf. Inscribed within the subject: J J (sic!) Dielmann (18)61, otherwise J. J. Dielmann (Frankfurt a/M.) / J. Eissch... 62. II / H. Siedentopf Sa impr. 7⅝ × 5⅛ in (19.4 × 13 cm; subject 4 ¼ × 4 in [10.9 × 10 cm]).

“ D(ielmann). found his characteristic style, kept until the end of his days, in the seven years at Dusseldorf and during the study trips, by which he delineated usually anecdotally idyllic genre and folk life ”

(Carsten Roth, Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon XXVII [2000], 236).

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