Stothard, Thomas (1755 London 1834). Fair Fatima. Greeting two ladies in Oriental chamber. Sitting on the cushions two younger girls. Stipple rondo by James Parker (1750-1805). Inscribed: T. Stothard delt. / J. Parker sculpt. / Publishd. Feby. 11. 1791 by C. Tomkins No: 2 Rathbone Place., otherwise as above & below. 10⅝ × 8⅞ in (26.9 × 22.4 cm).

Thomas Stothard, Fair Fatima

“ Fair Fatima, stood up to receive me saluting me after their fashion, putting her hand to her breast with a sweetness full of majesty, that no court breeding could ever give. ”

STOTHARD, painter and quite prolific book illustrator – of more than 5000 bequeathed drawings about 3000 have been engraved – proves in his mostly historical or mythological paintings

“ … as pupil of the great Venetians of the Renaissance, especially of Tizian, but also of Rubens and occasionally also of Watteau … His paintings excel by the warm luminous power and the golden glimmer of their colors … ”

(Thieme-Becker XXXII, p. 139 f.).

PARKER, pupil also of James Basire and 1784/87 associated with William Blake as also friend of Stothard

“ … was instructed at London by Bartolozzi. He worked in stipple, and this with great applause, so that his sheets were seen with pleasure even beside those of a Bartolozzi ”


Trimmed laterally on and within resp. the wide white platemark and especially at three corners creased, yet without impairment of the fine, warm-toned subject.

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