Berlin’s Parliament then + today

“under the system

of the men of the left”

(Weekly, Common, for the Royal Prussian Presidential Districts

Aschersleben , Calbe , Mansfeld

and the neighboring Ducal Anhalt. countries.) Vol. XXXI. Ed. by C(arl) F(riedrich) Haller. Aschersleben, Haller Brothers, 1849. Sm. 4to. 412 (of 422) pp. Marbled contemp. boards with red back-plate. Paled green edges.

The 1849 volume as thanks to the editorial contributions + letters to the editor still important for the

1848 March – Revolution

of this, though to be paid for, forerunner of the advertisement weeklies of today, here in the original Wednesday issue, which from fall 1848 on had been complemented with a Saturday issue in respect of the good success.

So visionary the glance backward of January 3, 1849 looking partly very far ahead: “Berlin is the capital of a European great power … carrying Germany’s shield

and one day perhaps its imperial crown, too.”

But while “the country (is) intend constitutionally-monarchically …

Berlin gave way to the abuses of democracy

and lost the sympathy of the nation …

Not alone the moral influence is sunk, but also the material wealth. The insecurity of the state caused general confusion and mistrust. The court and the independent families emigrated; since March Berlin’s trade and industry had a shortfall in receipts of 10 million Thaler. The loss on the exchange of railroad stocks … is to appraise at 45 million Thaler … So the way to the ruin was stepped completely by a freedom with the beggary!

Without overacting one has reason to say, this theoretic controversy about a constitution – (On the eve of a civil war the king gave under the 5th December a liberal-minded constitution) – , has costed Berlin 40-50 million Thaler …

Under the system of the men of the left

Prussia will need in future 80 million instead of 60. Viewed with sober eye that means to pay the achievements too dearly … Is business better

if Kladderadatsch will be printed

(‘The most popular of the Berlin comic papers with illustrations starts per January 1, 1850 its 3rd volume’, so Messrs. Laue broadly advertising in the Saturday weekly from December 22, 1849, not offered here)

… It has derived no advantage at this lion’s division …

the municipal debts and encumbrances grew terrifyingly .

Since March

daily from 20 to 40 masters have let themselves been struck off the trade tax roll ,

and who formerly kept 10 journeymen now works alone .

The number of construction workers has dropped by a half …

Twenty craftsmen and artists were in the National Assembly, 27 businessmen and factory owners and – 121 jurists

who don’t know anything about business life!”

And intellectually subsequent to this the letter of a forester per February 28, 1849:

“ … since long I had heard and seen with grief

how one fools the people like a bear

to let dance monkeys on its neck and head … and to practice it on command … . ”

Suitable hereto Hermann Krause’s, “Agent of the National Association for German Emigration in Leipsic”, advertising placement “Aschersleben in the June” from July 4, 1849

“For Emigrants.

Amongst others, emigration passages to New=York, Baltimore etc. taking place regularly two times a month , at next 15th July one of the finest passenger liners will be forwarded directly to Port=Adelaide in South Australia, to which passage bookings still accepts … . ”

But already April 18 bookseller Fokke recommended his “Maps for Emigrants” for the Oregon district, for California + Texas, the North American free states, and Australia, while competitor Laue invited to the subscription of Steinmann’s “(History of the Revolution in Prussia)” in 20 parts, the “(New Journal of Halle)” advertised for subscribers under detailed explanation of its daily endeavor, and Oscar Fokke recommended strongly his “Journalisticum” to further goodwill and interest for the year 1850, too, at setting in always.

But also the German direction of the Belgian “(The Farmer)” assurance in Cologne offered its service as well as Berlin and Hamburg assurances, a market dealer his “(English Steel Pens)” “in 180 different sorts finely sharpened or quite blunt”. Just under that as further “Healing Invention” Hümmert’s newly bettered “Tool for Prevention of Pollution” as well as the novelty “Compressorium or Prevention of Urine”, both by Philipp Schlesinger & Comp. in Bleicherode near Nordhausen.

With provenance (Gerhard) Stolle with his blind stamped arms stamp on fly-leaves or title. – Without number 37 (pp. 293-300) as unimportant under political aspect + the “(Advertising) Inset to no. 40” (pp. 325/26) as well as the possible volume title, but which also had not been bound with to a copy traded here formerly. – Pp. 383/84 with small loss of the corner in the wide margin below right. – Pp. 403-422 with mouse damage below right, partly with little loss of text. – Isolated check-offs by old hand of indeed interesting passages. – Sporadically mostly only slightly foxing or waterstained. – Binding slightly (front cover) till somewhat more (back cover) rubbed and touched at the edges as well as with small loss of the paper covering at the lower back.

Shortly, the journal not only of a “great year”, but which has seen also following still many great times and these especially, though not without wounds, – survived, too.

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