Instrumens de Mathématiques 4

Mathématiques, Instrumens de. 6 (3 double full-page) sheets representations of mathematical instruments. Engravings by Robert Bénard (Paris 1734 – after 1777, recte rather c. 1786) from the quarto edition of the famous encyclopedia by Diderot and d’Alembert. (1784.) C. 9½ × 7⅛ and 9⅞ × 14⅛ in (24 × 18 and 25 × 36 cm) resp.

Due to former binding the left margin of the individual plates trimmed with loss of the platemark, but the plate margin itself intact. The broad uncut white margins with tidemarks in places.

Instrumens de Mathématiques 1Instrumens de Mathématiques 2

Besides an interesting view of a workshop representation of countless parts in reference of material and machines.

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Instrumens de Mathématiques 6

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