“ Only Berlin can have it ”

60 Years Ascension Day Binge

in Celebration of

Günter Neumann’s 25th Stage Jubilee

Berlin – Insulaner – Günter Neumann – “(The Islander doesn’t lose the patience)”. Ascension Day binge of the Berlin political-satirical revues and their prominent friends to the

Berlin - Insulaner - Günter Neumann

25th  stage  jubilee  of  Günter  Neumann

from the broadcasting center at the Masurenallee via Boleslav Barlog’s Schiller Theatre – Ernst Reuter Place

in  cram-full  express  Pullman  car

of today’s Deutsche Waggonbau AG

“ on  a  gigantic  (eight-)axles  flat-bed trailer

Berlin - Insulaner - Günter Neumann - Schiller Theatre

dragged  by  a  powerful  motor-vehicle ”.

Down to Pichelsdorf and into Lilo Ruschin’s Historischer Weinkeller where the gentlemen party was welcomed by their women in a state, however, that could not come down to earth anymore, staged under the direction of the RIAS/Dalli-Dalli man Hans Rosenthal on May 30, 1957, by the artist round “Society for the Propagation of … of all kind”. Picture + press clipping documentation by participant Gerhard Heymann. (Berlin 1957.) Sm. 4to. With

26  professional  photos

(6¼-6⅞ × 8¼-9¼ in [16-17.5 × 21-23.5 cm]) by Georg Ebert and Harry Croner. 16 sheet. Contemporary Grunewald-green napped imitation leather photo album with green string.

Berlin - Insulaner - Günter Neumann, 25 Jahre Bühnenjubiläum (Invitation Card)

Fine historic recollection accompanied by written enclosures commenting on the persons of the epoch when

“ Archtypical  for  Berlin  is  in  the  long  run

The  hurdy-gurdy , not  the  wall ”

(so prophetically before its fall on a barrel-organ cart on the Ku’damm) and all had followed the invitation-card – here thus for Gerhard Heymann – signed in writing by Rosenthal and Werner Oehlschläger (certifying paraphe) and had received their “Ticket ASCENSION DAY 1957 through Berlin 2nd class”. Thus

the Insulaner incarnation

“ambulance private 1st class Neumann as inventor of the Berlin jaw”

whom Hamburg’s Chief of Police Georges “cheered threefold with the loud voice of a salt-soaked Hapag captain”, who except for the wonderful photo together with Prof. Quatschni (Joe Furtner), Inge Landgut (round waitress Mrs. Oehlschläger as with respect to the distribution of i. a. 250 long Viennese sausages by the EFHA-Werke Fleischwarenfabrik GmbH only female company) and Jakob Tiedtke (whom Werner Finck reminded of the once political awakening: “Do you still know, our poem of 1933: ‘There blows a fresh wind, we shall laugh again’. And then we became verboten”) photographically stays in the background otherwise, just as it had been his way.

The more present in picture then Ewald Wenck “in the uniform of the Federal Railways with disk and punch”, SED “functionary” Walter Gross (“And by this, comrades, we come to our today’s indoctrination theme”), O. E. Hasse. Radiating also Chief of Police Dr. Stumm who had ensured himself of the reinforcement by the commander of the municipal police Duensing, district mayor Kressmann, senator for construction Schwedler, boxing idol Bubi Scholz, biker Otto Ziege (“True six-day race atmosphere”). Then Porcupine Wolfgang Gruner, “strike-breaker” Bruno Fritz (“Enchanting” in view of a passing bus full of young girls), Ivo Veit, Olaf Bienert, Kurt Pratsch-Kaufmann.

Berlin - Insulaner - Günter Neuman, 25th Stage JubileeBerlin - Insulaner - Günter Neumann - Orang-Outang Nakal

And orang-outang boarder Nakal of course had brought with him his zoo chief Dr. Klös together with his keeper, by the way honoring with handshake only Walter Gross, commented by Joachim Krüger with “The functionary greets his most loyal adherent” to which Quatschni suggestively intoned “Brothers into one now the hands”.

In a nutshell, 93 men & 1 lady. In a Federal Railways Pullman car dragged on a special flat-bed trailer with 5 km speed. In “weather as silk and satin” and Berlin air as cream cap into the bargain, impregnated by the Insulaner refrain optimism

“ That  our  island  will  soon  become  fine  mainland  again

– oh  would  that  be  nice. ”

RIAS-fine, like all months anew from the Titania Palace in the Schloßstraße or the Theatre at the Kurfürstendamm. Far beyond Berlin keeping alive the laughing in hard times. Still reaching hot eastern zone ears pressed to the radio as light in the darkness of the socialist salvation. Until some day the fun ran out of steam and

“ Neumann  came  down  to  us  with  bag  and  baggage ,

to  us , to  Bavaria , to  Munich .

Where  he  then  soon  gave  up  his  ghost ”

(analogously to the functionary indoctrination regarding Schiller’s change from Stuttgart to Weimar).

Berlin - Insulaner - Günter Neumann, 25th Stage Jubilee

And what is to be laughed about for us late-borns 61 years after that Berlin party drive? That Brussels/Berlin haven’t yet discovered the laughing. Else even that would be regulated, too. And taxed anyway.

Berlin - Insulaner - Günter Neumann - Broadcasting Center

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„ vielen Dank für die Information und die Zusendung der Broschüre … Ich sammele seit Jahren Galeriewerke … Mir ist die Seltenheit des ‚Cabinet du roi‘ und auch die ensprechende Qualtät des angebotenen (fantastischen) Bandes bewußt … “

(Herr M. S., 23. Mai 2015)