Peter Paul Rubens, Philipp the Good

The first ‘Gutmensch’ of Modern Times ?

Rubens, Peter Paul (Siegen 1577 – Antwerp 1640). (Philipp the Good.) Half-length portrait in early years – and thus supposedly from the time of the treaties of Troyes and Arras – in armor and coat standing to the right under the general’s tent. In 1429 Philipp founded the Order of the Golden Fleece. From his marriage with Isabelle of Portugal the same year his successor Charles the Bold came from, whom he handed over the government already during lifetime, while furthering himself the arts and sciences as well as the crafts, especially tapestry weaving in Flanders. Steel engraving by William French (c. 1815 – East Grinstead 1898). 3rd quarter of the 19th century. Inscribed: Belvedere. / P. P. Rubens pt. / W. French sc., otherwise in German as above. 5⅜ × 4 in (13.8 × 10.3 cm).

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(Herr K. v. F., 16. Dezember 2008)