Helped  the  Englishmen  to  their  Tea

Braganza – Catherine of B. – Charles II of England – Jaspers (Caspers, Gaspers, Jaspars), Jan Baptist (perhaps Antwerp about 1620 – London 1691). Serenissima Catharina Mag: Brit: Fran: & Hiber: Regina. E(t)c. Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II of England. Full-length portrait, standing on top step of a loggia flanked by a column and enclosed by masonry on which the crown is put away. On the left the view goes into the park. All most richly draped. Engraving by Edward (Le) Davis (surely Wales about 1640? – 1684?). (1680/81.) Inscribed: Iohn Baptist Caspers Pinxit. / Ed. Davis Sculpsit. / Sold by Moses Pitt at the Angl in S. Pauls Church-yard, otherwise as above. 19 × 11 in (48.1 × 27.8 cm).

Thieme-Becker XVIII, 441 + VIII, 473; AKL XXIV (Davis), 505. – The fine portrait of the Braganza queen as presumably

the  first  tea-drinker

Jan Baptist Jaspers, Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II

of  the  isle

(1650) in the train of whom ten years later one drank it “as a precious beverage in London’s coffee-houses” (Meyers). In Europe it had become known for the first time in 1559 by Portuguise and Dutchmen. 1635 it should have come to Paris and 1638 to Russia.

Together with its pendant of Charles II the portrait was engraved as frontispiece for the two-vol. Janssonius-Waesberghe Atlas (“English Atlas”) at Moses Pitt & Stefan Swart and as such both mentioned by literature. – Splendid impression of vibrant chiaroscuro. – 2⅛ × ¼ in (5.5 × 0.8 cm) tear out in the upper margin still reaching 2.5 cm into the subject restored professionally and utterly unobtrusively.

The Braganza dynasty ruling in Portugal since the XVth century founded as a result of the Napoleonic interregnum (1807/21) a soon independent line by proclamation of Dom Pedro as Emperor of Brazil which later led to the House of Orléans while the Portuguese House became extinct in 1853, but involving Saxony-Coburg (Pedro V) by marriage. A Portuguese collateral line originating from a palace revolution resided in the Bavarian Heubach.

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„ Best her Niemeyer, De prenten zijn vanmiddag in goede staat gearriveerd. Alleen al het uitpakken is een genot! Ze zien er prachtig uit (vooral The Idel ’prentice is een juweel) … Wat dat betreft, zijn eigenlijk alle prenten die u mij hebt toegezonde, van uitstekende kwaliteit … “

(Mijnheer P. E., 1. Februar 2008)