Interesting  Set  of  Three

London’s  Guardians  of  the  Night

Smith, John Thomas (1766 London 1833). Watchman – Bellman & Billman – Watchman. Set of three London night-watchmen, each with lantern, both the two latter additionally with bell. The former still with lance, the latter each with varying pike for the purpose of first aid in case of fires. 3 sheet etchings. Numbered 1. to 3., otherwise as above. 7⅜-7½ × 4½ in (18.8-19 × 11.3-11.4 cm).

John Thomas Smith, WatchmanJohn Thomas Smith, WatchmanJohn Thomas Smith, Bellman & Billman - Watchman

Beall E 49; Lipperh. Gcb 12; Exhibition Cat. Bremen, 1976, no. 39. – Sheet 1-3 of The Cries of London … Itinerant Traders of antient and modern Times, copied from rare engravings, or drawn from the life produced about 1819 and published 1839.

Sheet 1 from a woodcut of the time of James I (reigning 1603-1625), sheet 2 from “Villanies discovered by Lanthorne and Candle Light”, sheet 3 from an engraving of the time of Charles II (reigning 1660-1685) by Overton, yet not from Beall E 10 (1st third of the 18th century). – On Smith see Nagler XVI, 529 f. + Thieme-Becker XXXI, 174. – Almost exclusively in the wide white margin feebly foxed.

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