Tuscany has London Bloom

Smith, John Thomas (1766 London 1833). All in full bloom. Anatony Antonini, a young man from Lucca in Tuscany trying his luck in London with artificial flowers, calling out the various blossoming pot-plants of silk and paper carried on a board before him. In these 9 feathered singers made of wax! Etching. Inscribed: 15. / TS (ligated, on the far left of the pots) / 1819, otherwise as above. 7½ × 4½ in (19 × 11.4 cm).

John Thomas Smith, All in full bloom

Beall E 49; Lipperh. Gcb 12; Exhibition Cat. Bremen, 1976, no. 39. – Sheet 15 of The Cries of London … Itinerant Traders of antient and modern Times, copied from rare engravings, or drawn from the life produced about 1819 and published 1839, here from the latter. – On Smith see Nagler XVI, 529 f. + Thieme-Becker XXXI, 174. – Chiefly on three sides only at the far edges of the wide white margin feebly foxed.

“ Some few years ago a very interesting exhibition of artificial flowers was made … by a female of the name of Dards, who had most ingeniously produced hundreds of the most beautiful flowers from fishes’ bones … The leaves were made from the skins of soles, eels, &c. which were stained with proper colours. The flowers of the lily of the valley … were so complete a deception that they were often mistaken for a bunch of real flowers. The exhibition did not answer the expectation of Mrs. Dards, as few persons could believe it possible that fishes’ bones were capable of being converted into articles of such elegance. ”

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