The  Singing  Birds’  Dainty  Morsel –
Chickweed & Groundsel !!

Smith, John Thomas (1766 London 1833). Chick-Weed. Plagued by rheumatism and therefore out of work the brushmaker George Smith had the idea of survival as itinerant vendor for chickweed & groundsel for the feathered singers in the cozy home. Etching. Inscribed: 24. / TS (ligated), otherwise as above. 7½ × 4⅝ in (18.9 × 11.6 cm).

John Thomas Smith, Chick-Weed

Beall E 49; Lipperh. Gcb 12; Exhibition Cat. Bremen, 1976, no. 39. – Sheet 26 of The Cries of London … Itinerant Traders of antient and modern Times, copied from rare engravings, or drawn from the life produced about 1819 and published 1839, here from the latter.

A  rarity  both  as  singing  birds  and  cries  specialty

and a direct hit for the discarded brushmaker. Who had not to strain his voice for long in the streets. For in almost every street of London he knew a certain customer in at least every third house. Who, barely that Mr. Smith appeared before the house, raised his voice and made his two-legged friends get a move on. – On Smith the draughtsman & etcher, however, see Nagler XVI, 529 f. + Thieme-Becker XXXI, 174. – Chiefly only on two sides at the far edges of the wide white margin feebly foxed.

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Einem sich nicht zu einer 12blätterigen Ridinger-Folge entschließen könnenden Interessenten mailte L.H.N. was sein altmärkischer Großvater zu sagen pflegte, wurde bei Tisch genörgelt: Wer nicht mag, ist der Beste.

Daraufhin der noch gleichen Tages nun zugreifende Reflektant:

„ … Denn : wer doch mag , ist nicht der Schlechteste “

(Herr C. R., 22. Februar 2017)