Italian Young Man. About 1450Italian Young Man. Second Half of the Fifteenth Century

Italian Young Man. About 1450 & Second Half of the Fifteenth Century. For once to the left with plumed hat & laurel wreath in the right, the other with shield & lance to the right. 2 sheet. Colored wood engravings after Heinrich Mücke (Breslau 1806 – Dusseldorf 1891) and August von Heyden (Breslau 1827 – Berlin 1897) resp. (1887 and 1876 resp.) Inscribed: H. Mücke. 1880. and AvonHeyden resp., otherwise in German as above & below. 8¼-8¾ × 3⅛-5¼ in (21-22.3 × 8-13.3 cm).

Lipperheide Ad 46. – SHEETS FOR COSTUME KNOWLEDGE NEW SERIES 163 & 25. – Charming as also chronologically complementing pendants. – Mücke was a pupil of Schadow’s in Berlin since 1824, whom he followed to Dusseldorf in 1826, where he taught at the Academy from 1844/67. Heyden, however, came from mining and devoted himself to the arts only since the late ’50s, making his mark i. a. as history painter, but

“ His occupation with costume knowledge and the history of traditional costumes gave rise to entrust him, after the retirement of Hermann Weiß (in Berlin), with the lectures in the mentioned subjects first temporarily, then … (1885) finally. 1889 he received the professorship ”


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„ Lieber Herr Niemeyer, vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort und Ihre Mühe! Die von Ihnen genannten Quellen (zur histor. Wolfs-Population in DE) hören sich sehr spannend an und sind sicherlich interessant für meine Arbeit … Ich freue mich sehr über Ihre Unterstützung! Herzliche Grüße aus … “

(Frau K. R., 25. Juli 2016)