Louis Julius as Blücher

Blücher – Julius – King, How is the? Louis Julius as BLÜCHER in Arthur Müller’s play at the Friedrich Wilhelmstadt Theater (later Deutsches Theater), Berlin. Glazed colored lithograph printed with tone plate after a photograph by R. Marowsky for Louis Veit, Berlin. (1859/60.) 9 × 5⅞ in (23 × 14.8 cm). – Sheet 36 of the Lipperheide set Ucd 19 on light cardboard.

“ The fame to have revived Blücher lastingly from the book of history for the German stage is due to Arthur Müller by his five-act comedy: ‘How is the King?’ … Rarely a playwright has had the joy to find an actor of such accomplishment for his work as Arthur Müller did find in the character actor Louis Julius for his Blücher. Julius … always distinguishes himself as the actor who has turned a rôle over in his mind, and permeates it with his own flair. Julius is Blücher more than that he plays him, and since he appears in the various Blücher plays the common saying goes generally that there are only two strikingly similar Blücher in Berlin, the one on Opera Square and the living double Julius. ”

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„ Danke für den wunderbaren (Ridinger-)Scan … der meine Argumentation zur Verwechslung in der Staffierung der Porzellane dokumentarisch bestens belegt. Darf ich um Ihre Zustimmung bitten, ihn in meiner Arbeit zeigen zu dürfen? “

(Herr J. R., 7. Juni 2004)