Therese Döllinger

Erz Mountains – Griepenkerl – Döllinger – Rast, Auf der hohen. Therese Döllinger as Bärbchen in Gustav Griepenkerl’s play at the Royal Theater, Berlin. Glazed colored lithograph printed with tone plate after a photograph by R. Marowsky for Louis Veit, Berlin. (1859/60.) 9⅛ × 5⅞ in (23.1 × 14.8 cm). – Sheet 46 of the Lipperheide set Ucd 19 on light cardboard.

“ Since a few years member of the Royal Court Theater at Berlin Therese Döllinger has already obtained an excellent position; both by her innate graceful talent and the persistent diligence by which the young actress, following the intentions of the author, treats her task … All these merits asserted themselves quite particularly in her performance of Bärbchen in Griepenkerl’s folk play from the miner’s life: ‘Auf der hohen Rast’ in the Erz Mountains … The picture shows the graceful actress in such a modest-plain position and yet with such tender-eloquent expression as this just belongs to the beautiful characteristics of Therese Döllinger. ”

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“ It came! My plate [already documented as lost] was delivered and it is in excellent condition. I cannot explain all of the delays or what happened. It is in the original packaging that you described and it was delivered by DHL, not the postal service (as far as I can tell – it was left on the porch [!!]). So thank you and so glad that this long story has such a nice ending. It was nice dealing with you, thank you for the plate! ”

(Mrs. J. C., May 8, 2010)