“ Unusual  Advertising  Poster ”
of  the  Early  Years

When the Bicycle grew up

Allsopp's Garden Bike Rack

and  wrote  Advertising  History  in  a  Beer  Garden

Allsopp’s Garden. Beer garden with outside buffet with numerous guests sitting in the open and in an arcade, enjoying Allsopp’s Imperial Stout and India Pale-Ale and Burton Ale

par  verre  20 cent

ALLSOPP'S price notice

The gentlemen with cigars throughout. Above the entrance of the public house on the right side the Union Jack flies.

Union Jack in Allsopp's Garden

In front of it bicycle stand with two bikes with their sporting owners seated at an isolated separate table,

admonished  by  the  call  displayed  on  the  rack  below  stopping  hand


Poster by Allsopp’s Brewery in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordsh. Lithograph printed in brown. C. 1880s. Inscribed as above. 23¼ × 33¼ in (59 × 84.5 cm).

Lynn Pearson, Built to Brew / The history and heritage of the brewery, 2014, illustration of this copy page 190 , captioned

“ An  unusual  advertising  poster … for  a  beer  garden ,

probably in Antwerp, selling Allsopp’s beer. Their pale ale continued to be popular abroad into the 20th century, especially in Belgium, where it was not superseded by lager.

Note  the  garden’s  provision  for  stout-drinking  cyclists .”

To boost their brawn it indeed should be , ought to be a  STOUT ! It were just the years when the chain gear helped the bicycle to maturity. And the beer metropolis Burton was at her zenith and boomed


Allsopp’s  success  story  began with Samuel Allsopp (1780-1838), yet nonetheless based on Benjamin Wilson’s brewery, a relative of his, as the leading one in Burton upon Trent, which he entered at the age of 20 and bought out seven years later, first a majority, then, 1812 completely and carried on under his own name. While Napoleon’s Continental System ruined the Baltic trade important to English brewers, so the mistake of a competitor and Allsopp’s courageous grasp secured him big business from the East India Company with India Pale Ale. Leaving to the next generation a house established in such a manner, Allsopp’s dominated for decades along with the competitor Bass Burton’s brewing fame. So for instance in 1861 this duo accounted for two thirds of the 3500 brewery employees there. For Allsopp’s not least due to their additional brewhouse built 1859/60, which earned the repute of being the world’s greatest individual brewery. Later a general decline of the beer market and in-house setbacks led to failed going public and mergers, yet the name remained part of the company until 1959.

See on this Pearson, op. cit., pages 49 & 176-187 and Wikipedia. – Lower left the red Belgian poster duty stamp at 12 c. as the highest value along with the additional imprint AANPLAKBRIEVEN added since 1886, cancelled by stamp of the printer Aug. Geud(ens) in Antwerp’s Rue des Juifs no. 15.

Antwerp poster duty stamp

The usual fold traces due to the fine poster paper barely conspicuous. Only few backed tears and a larger tear backed with similarly toned paper in the sky part. – In short , subordinating the figures to the advertising message , a

pictorially  as  stylistically  interesting  “unusual  poster”

from  doubly  early  days .

Allsopp's Garden

Those of the poster & those of the bicycle !

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