Formula for Rat-poison, Wusterhausen/Brandenburg

Rat-Poison still before Official Approval

Wusterhausen – Formula of Wilhelm Friedrich Gärtner “for the extermination of rats and mice”. Manuscript on paper. Wusterhausen, 31st of … 1841. 6¼ × 7¾ in (15.8 × 19.8 cm). 1 page. With Wilhelm Friedrich Gärtner’s signature together with seal.

Executed in bister, the ensuing two substances in black pen and ink. While on the latter at the beginning it is succinctly just “can be administered according to this”, in the more extensive addition follows

“ … I remark besides: since the above-mentioned attest not yet corresponds with the prescribed requirements I herewith declare that all adverse effects due to the above-named, I pledge myself to assume the purchase parts solely / Gärtner”.

Seal Wilhelm Friedrich Gärtner, Wusterhausen/Brandenburg

Very charming the pictorially substantially still intact seal showing in the center a park vase, enclosed on the left by large monogram G and on the right by a twig.

Numbered top left 330. A similar further document present here from Barsikov/Wusterhausen from 1846 with no. 470. – The smoothed folds hardly perceptible, likewise only quite faintly on the front the slight foxing on the back.

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