In  Non-inverted  Rendition

Teniers II, David (1610 Antwerp 1690). The Four Elements in Large Figures. Set of 4 sheet in engraving at Johann Georg Hertel I (1760 still alive) or II in Augsburg. Inscribed: D. Teniers, pinx. / (publishing no.) 37 / Ioh. Georg Hertel, exc. Aug. V(ind[el].) / 1. (to 4.), as well as the sheet’s title along with quatrain. C. 8⅝ × 5¾ in (22 × 14.7 cm).

David Teniers, Air

L’AIR — The Air

The Falconer . With the hooded falcon, accompanied by two hounds, leaving the hamlet behind.

David Teniers, Water

L’EAU — The Water

The Fishermen . Dominantly in front one with fur cap, pulling the big fish behind à la Tobias with the Angel. On both sides reset groups of four fishermen hauling in the net and three emptying the basket resp. Architecture on the right.

David Teniers, Fire

LE FEU — The Fire

The Two Blacksmiths . At forge & anvil.

David Teniers, Earth

LA TERRE — The Earth

The Peasants . Dominantly in front before the cottage one with spade. Laterally smaller reset two men cutting down grain with sickles and a woman working on the ground. In the middle distance the church, on an elevation laterally right supposedly the manor.

Supposedly pirate copy after Jacques-Philippe Le Bas’s (1707 – Paris 1783; Le Blanc 138-141; IFF 352-355) equal-sized set of engravings in reverse , thereby yet again

in  the  same  direction  as  Teniers ,

the hooded falcon thus on the raised right , the fishermen pulling the rope with the right , the blacksmiths holding with the left, acting with the right , the peasants wielding the sickle with the right . In reverse, too, yet without the quatrains Gaetano Testolini’s (flourishing in Paris & London about 1760 – after 1818) likewise equal-sized engravings (cf. Schwerdt III, 170; only L’Air).

The white margins above & below c. 8-8.5 , laterally c. 4-4.5 cm wide. In the white upper margin of the falconer sheet isolated quite feeble little spots, with the peasant sheet faint grey spot in the right white margin as well as backed little tear.

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