Jacques de la Jouë, L'Optique

Lajouë, Jacques de (La Jouë, 1686/7 Paris 1761). L’Optique. Adjusting a large concave mirror to reflect the sunbeams, setting fire on a prepared pile of wood. Besides magic lantern and telescope. Etching/engraving by Charles Nicolas Cochin I (1688 Paris 1754) in irregular oval, the corners of which hatched. C. 1737/38. Inscribed: Tiré du cabinet de Monseigneur le Duc de Picquigny. / Inventé et peint par J. la Jouë. / Gravé par C. N. Cochin., otherwise as above. 12⅛ × 14⅝ in (30.8 × 37.2 cm).

Very  fine  early  impression

with the addresses of both Lajouë and Cochin before their removal in favor of that of “la veuve de François Chereau” from 1741 the latest. – Figurative watermark. – In the white upper margin on c. 12 cm professionally restored tear off partly extending into the white platemark, in the corner hatching lower left tiny box pleat taken out.

From the 13-sheet set of the Allegories of the Arts and Sciences etched by Cochin, John Ingram and Nicolas Tardieu after the over-doorways created by Lajouë 1735-37 for the Cabinet of the astronomer, physicist, and freemason Michel Ferdinand d’Albert d’Ailly, Duke of Picquigny (from 1744 Duke of Chaulnes, 1714-1769), and in such a manner

their  first  graphical  representation :

“ C. knew to get into the spirit of the respective style of his models and to catch something of their artistic effect ”

(Gisela Hopp, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon XX [1998], p. 56).

Already in the early 1740s followed by a new edition now expanded to a rectangle, the engravings are among the most copied prints of the 18th century. Present

interesting  optical  experimental  representation

by the way beside the Allegory of Astronomy the only sujet of the set of which the painting has survived.

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  1. Se vend a Paris chez la Jouë peintre du Roy, sur le quay Peltier a la boucle d’or. Et ruë St. Jacques chez Cochin graveur du Roy avec privilege du Roy.
  2. “Only two of the paintings survive, Optics (the present composition, in reverse to the print) and Astronomy; they were offered for sale as part of the Karl Lagerfeld Collection, Christie’s, New York, 23 May 2000, lot 45, and later at Sotheby’s, Paris, 19 June 2006, lot 47” (Wellcome Library, London, 2014)

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