Fish SaleHoly Mass

With Fisherman Simon Peter as Satan

Fish Sale – Stich, G. C. (Cologne 2nd h. of the 17th cent.). 3. Thou shalt observe the days of fasting, also the distinction of food. Fish monger, pitching the fresh ware to two female customers. Top right in 1⅝ × 1⅜ in (4 × 3.5 cm) frame temptation of Christ by the speaker of the disciples and former fisherman Simon Peter in the character of the Evil One. Engraving. (1679.) Inscribed as above. 3½ × 2⅜ in (8.9 × 6 cm).

Thieme-Becker XXXII (1938), 36. – Page 52 (sheet size 5⅝ × 3⅛ in [14.3 × 8 cm]) of the 1679 Catechism of Peter Canisius SJ. – On the back engraving to the Holy Mass (“Thou shalt hear Holy Mass all Sabbath Days with devotion.”). – SIGNIFICANT SHEET as in addition to the lively-rich trade scene uniquely illustrating the relation of the fish (Greek Ichthys) “in the early Christian imagery (as the) symbol of Christ … (‘Jesus Christ God’s Son, Savior’)” (Meyers Konv.-Lex., 4th ed. VI [1889], 292). For hearing Christ’s first announcement of suffering, Peter urgently advises against going to Jerusalem. Thereupon as a first-rate candy Christ considering himself tempted according to Matthew 16:23: “Get thee behind me , Satan !”

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