Klauber Catholici, Thesis Sheet to I Cor. I, 9

Klauber Catholici (Augsburg publishing house 1737/38 – c. 1840). Thesis sheet to I Cor. I, verse 9. Christ crucified, in the lower two thirds surrounded by the Holy Men & Women with their symbols, above the Trinity together with the heavenly host. Dominating on the left the symbol of the Jesuits, here the heart both burning as also with the Crown of Thorns, above I(esus) H(ominum) S(alvator). Engraving. C. 1740. Inscribed: C.P.S.C.M. (privilege) / (Göz et) Klauber Cath. Sc. et exc. A.V. / Fidelis Deus per quem vocati estis i Societatem Filii ejus Iesu Christi Domini nostri. 1. Cor. 1, V. 9. 15¾ × 10¾ in (40 × 27.4 cm).

By its design not attributable to the several large sets of the publishing house, the plate still is from the aegis of the brothers Joseph Sebastian & Johann Baptist Klauber (1700/10 and 1712 resp. Augsburg 1768 and 1787 resp.) and their original partner Gottfried Bernhard Goetz (Göz; Welehrad/Moravia 1708 – Augsburg 1774), who had left the collaboration already 1742. His erased name in the inscription, however, still faintly noticeable in present impression from about 1800 watermarked Ravensburg. – The inscription Klauber Catholici refers to the rather unique position of the two Klaubers and their successors as deliberately Catholic enterprise as against the in their majority Protestant Augsburg engraver-publishers. – Paled stamp on the back.

Goetz first apprenticed, after attending a Jesuit grammar school, with the fresco painter Franz Gregor Ignaz Eckstein at Brno and then came to Augsburg as pupil of Johann Georg Bergmüller. Reckoned among the most important painters at Augsburg about mid-century, the preserved works in numerous churches and cloisters in Southern Germany “manifest Pozzo’s influence, whose ‘ideas he translates into German rococo forms’” (K. Feuchtmayr, citing Adolf Feulner, in Th.-B. XIV [1921], pp. 319 ff.). His fresco paintings in the Augsburg Jesuit church as also at further houses of the city are lost though. Besides fruitful activity as engraver.

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