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Klauber, Joseph Sebastian + Johann Baptist (1700/10 and 1712 resp. Augsburg 1768 and 1787 resp.). The Thesis Sheet with the Intercession Letter. Richly dressed and sympathetically superior Christ in three-quarter figure in the clouds, surrounded by symbolically important heavenly hosts partly acting as mediators to the earth herself biblically disclosed by copy inserts and with rich scenes, and to which the right one of the two chief angels as joint officer is turned to attentively. At him Christ points, like that himself points at this. Interposed however a putto holding out to the boss the

intercession letter in sealed envelope

given to him. The latter below halo & wreath of stars with divine centerpiece. Engraving. Inscribed: C.P.S.C.M. (privilege) / Klauber Cath(olici). Sc. et exc. Aug. Vind. Sheet size 25¼ × 17½ in (64 × 44.5 cm).

Rich large sheet of plastic-fine quality of impression with its

doubtless rare core message in writing

with traces of age not to be overvalued as with these documents of commercial art determined for use just for of their size quite the rule. Trimmed to platemark and with smoothed horizontal/vertical fold the margin area shows thin paper spots and tiny tears throughout restored professionally. Isolated pinhead-tiny holes furthermore in the generally crease-marked image itself. On the back feebly, yet throughout foxed. This all rather limitedly perceptible on the image side and marginalized by the strong chiaroscuro of the impression.

The engraver couple of the Klauber brothers established their publishing house 1737/38 together with the painter and engraver Gottfried Bernhard Goetz (Göz; Welehrad/Moravia 1708 – Augsburg 1774), which the latter, however, left already 1742. “Contrary to the frequently Protestant art publishing houses in Augsburg … a specifically Catholic enterprise”, they inscribed – as here, too – deliberately as Klauber Catholici, partly with the prefix Fratres. In their engraving technique absolutely alike their œuvre therefore is difficult to separate. “In addition to this also engravings by the younger K. … as well as other engravers working temporarily for the publishing house run under the common address. They also enlarged their publishing house by purchases of copper-plates from Augsburg artist estates”.

“ The significance of the production of engravings by the Klaubers is partly rather on the cultural-historical than artistic field, but among their numerous sheets there are also artistically remarkable ones like the large thesis sheets … and sheet almanacs which reckon to the best of this kind and are characteristic for the Augsburg rococo ”

(Thieme-Becker XX [1927], 411 f.).

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„ Ich bedanke mich für die schnelle und gründliche Art der Erledigung meiner Wünsche … “

(Herr E. S., 22. Januar 2000)