Smith, John Thomas (1766 London 1833). Fire Screens. Itinerant trader offering compact different-sized fire screens, holding one of which in the raised right and carrying further ones in the left and at the belt. Etching. 7½ × 4½ in (19 × 11.5 cm).

John Thomas Smith, Fire Screens

Beall E 49 (with ills.); Lipperh. Gcb 12; Exposition catalog Bremen, 1976, no. 39. – Sheet 12 of The Cries of London … Itinerant Traders of antient and modern Times, copied from rare engravings, or drawn from the life worked about 1819 and published in 1839. – On Smith see Nagler XVI, 529 f. + Thieme-Becker XXXI, 174. – With caption: I have Screenes if you desier / to keepe yr But(e)ly from ye fire.

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