Distinguished German ManDistinguished German Woman

German Man & Woman, Distinguished. About 1480. He – not identical with item 6,370 here – with laurel wreath and torch, slightly walking to the right with the left extended tellingly, she looking dreamily standing to the left. 2 sheet. Colored wood engravings after August von Heyden (Breslau 1827 – Berlin 1897). (1881/87.) Inscribed: AvonHeyden, otherwise in German as above & below. 7¾ × 4⅛ in (19.8 × 10.5 cm).

Lipperheide Ad 46. – SHEETS FOR COSTUME KNOWLEDGE NEW SERIES 167 & 134. – Charming by their pictorial turning to each other. – Coming from mining Heyden devoted himself to the arts since the late ’50s and made his mark as i. a. history painter, but

“ His occupation with costume knowledge and the history of traditional costumes gave rise to entrust him, after the retirement of Hermann Weiß (in Berlin), with the lectures in the mentioned subjects first temporarily, then … (1885) finally. 1889 he received the professorship ”


Offer no. 6,361 / EUR  98. (c. US$ 118.) + shipping

“ Thank you so much for The Fashion Etchings by Hollar. I am very nicely surprised and very very impressed … The presentation is very professional and everything look very good … and if you have some more interesting etchings by Hollar … please let me know ”

(Mrs. P. P., July 8, 2004)