Noblewoman from the Age of Frederick Barbarossa

Noblewoman from the Age of Frederick Barbarossa; 1152-1190. In white with ermine wrap, standing en face, looking dreamily to the right before dressing curtain decorated with coats of arms. Colored steel engraving by August Weger (Nuremberg 1823 – Leipsic 1892) after Carl Emil Doepler (Warsaw or Schnepfental 1824 – Berlin 1905). (1876.) Inscribed: C. E. Doepler. (18)75 / Stich u. Druck v. A. Weger in Leipzig., otherwise in German as above & below. 8⅜ × 5¼ in (21.3 × 13.3 cm).

Lipperheide Ad 46. – SHEETS FOR COSTUME KNOWLEDGE NEW SERIES II. – Somewhat creased and soiled, yet disguised by the fine costume. – After his training i. a. at Piloty’s in Munich in 1849 Doepler went to New York, from where he returned to Piloty in 1855. “1860-70 costume designer at the theater at Weimar and teacher for costume knowledge at the school of arts there. Since 1870 professorship in Berlin. – Decorative murals for private houses and paintings with historical, mythological scenes, genre paintings, however, foremost costume drawings. 1876 he sketched 500 drawings to Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung, anxious for historical exactness, what ran counter to Wagner’s intentions, and

participated in the staging of the first Bayreuth Festival ”

(Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon XXVIII, 2001, 238).

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“ ich habe kuerzlich Ihre web site über die Rugendasfamilie gefunden, welche ich von grosser inhaltlicher Qualität und Interesse finde … ”

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