Paul Gavarni, D'Après nature

Gavarni, Paul (= Hippolyte G. S. Chevalier, Paris 1804 – Auteuil 1866). D’Après nature. Flirting young couple sitting at a table. With 3 lines caption. Lithograph. (1858.) 10⅝ × 7½ in (27 × 19 cm).

Gavarni is – beside Daumier, with whom he has hardly anything in common though – one of the main masters of French illustration in the 19th century:

“ (1858) the set of 40 lithographs: D’après Nature (with text by Janin, Saint-Victor, Texier and the Goncourts) was published, by which he, as Béraldi says, bid farewell to the public ”

(Hans Vollmer in Thieme-Becker XIII [1920], pp. 296 ff.).

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