Diderot, Bushel + Box Maker

Boisselier, Outils et Ouvrages. The bushel and box maker. Upper left workshop view, otherwise depiction of the numerous tools used. Double full-page double plate. Engraving by Robert Bénard (Paris 1734 – after 1777, recte rather c. 1786) from the quarto edition of the encyclopedia by Diderot and d’Alembert. (1786.) Inscribed: Pl. 1 et 2. / Benard direxit., otherwise as above. 9⅛ × 13⅜ in (23.1 × 34 cm). – Typograph. watermark.

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“ I am pleased to inform you that I received the book in good order and it is very beautiful, I have looked at it now many times and it is very useful for my studies. ”

(Mevr. E. E., June 29, 2002)