Diderot, Charron (Cartwright) 1

Charron. With two shop views and numerous details. 2-sheet set of the cartwright. Engravings by Robert Bénard (Paris 1734 – after 1777, recte rather c. 1786) from the quarto edition of the encyclopedia by Diderot and d’Alembert. (1783.) Inscribed: Pl. 1-2. / Benard direxit(.), otherwise as above. 9⅛ × 13⅜ in (23.3 × 34.1 cm). – INSTRUCTIVE SET of the CARTWRIGHT . – With centerfold.

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Diderot, Charron (Cartwright) 2

“ I am curious as to the history of this (original Ridinger printing) plate (I just bought) and the others you have offered. Did you purchase them from the Ridinger estate (indirectly, indeed) or a private collector? These are truly rare one of a kind pieces ”

(Mr. L. A. F., October 28, 2003)