The  First  Theory  for  the  Process  of  Dyeing

Hellot, (Jean). L’Art de la Teinture des Laines, et des Étoffes de Laine, en grand et petit Teint. Avec une Instruction sur les Déboiiiillis. Paris, La Veuve Pissot, Jean-Thomas Herissant + Pissot fils, 1750. Sm. 8vo. XIX, 5, 611 (false 631) pp. Contemp. marbled calf on 5 ribs with gilt back in modern marbled slipcase.

Jean Hellot, L'Art de la Teinture des Laines

Ferchl 223; Poggendorff I, 1057; Partington III, 67 f.; Jöcher VI, 1894 f.; Darmstädter p. 183; Interlibrum Catalogue “From Alchemy to Atoms” no. 100. – Not in Duveen. – FIRST EDITION .

Famous  fundamental  work

on the dyeing of wool & woolens on the basis of the theory of the process of dyeing developed by Hellot (1685-1766) 1740 and submitted to the academy in two memoranda. This theory was the first one Darmstädter reports.

“ He assumed a purely physical explanation that the dye entered the pores of the wool (which must first be dilated), and the pores are then closed by its astringent action … (It’s) a classical key book on the subject ”

(Interlibrum Catalogue).

Hellot himself was member of the Paris Academy of Sciences and as successor of du Feu assessor in the Commercial Board. As such the supervision of the dye-houses was incumbent on him.

About Hellot’s ( “famous chemist” , Jöcher ) far-reaching chemical and technological works – so he discovered trisodium phosphate in 1735 – see above literature. Present work belongs to his main works and is very rare.

Ex-libris Plummer of Middlestead

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