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Peintre, lithographe, journaliste et chansonnier français

Aumale 1841 – Levallois-Perret 1909


Alfred Le Petit, Edmond About

About, M. Edmond. The writer, favourite of Emperor Napoleon III, later republican, as “L’Hortensia”, whose blooms attract the bees as those of a bellflower. Coloured lithograph. Inscribed: Alfred Le Petit PARIS 19 Janv. 1871, otherwise as above and H. Briollet’s quatrain. 9¾ × 5⅜ in (24.8 × 13.6 cm).

Osterwalder, Dictionnaire des Illustrateurs, p. 622. – With the address of L’Éclipse and that of the printer Coulboeuf, both Paris.

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Alfred Le Petit, Emmanuel + Étienne Arago

Arago, M.M. Emmanuel & Étienne. The writers and, in particular Étienne, (the latter also briefly mayor of Paris and by this predecessor of Ferry) participants of all revolutions, members of the National Assembly and, Emmanuel as a lawyer, defender of the Czar’s assassin Berezowski, as “Les Cerises” at the ear of the Maid of Orléans crowned by the Gallic cock. As before, but Mar. 11, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Louis Blanc

Blanc, Louis. The socialist publicist (“tremendous attention made” his worker’s organization of 1840) and historian as “Pensèes” on a batch of his works. As before, but Feb. 4, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, General Chanzy

Chanzy, Le Général, in particular Africa fighter, in the Franco-German war then repeatedly counterpart of the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, as “Le Perce slope” in broken in ice and, repeated, as crown of a dead tree on which the snowdrops hang, each with a different face. As above, but Jan. 15, 1871 and only distich.

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Alfred Le Petit, Isaac Adolphe Crémieux

Crémieux, M. (Isaac Adolphe), lawyer (defending counsel of i. a. the socialist publicist and historian Louis Blanc) and politician, founder of the “Alliance Israélite universelle” who especially deserved well of the Jews in Algiers, shown as “Plante Grasse + Cactus Crémiosus” in his whole stoutness casting a bright shadow. As above, but Feb. 25, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Dorian

Dorian, M., as “La Pomme de Terre” in his capacity as defender of Paris before the “Magasin of the Accessoires” bristling with weapons. As above, but Jan. 30, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Dupanloup

Voltaire’s Flight

from the Boiling Holy Water Font

Dupanloup, M., father confessor of the duke of Bordeaux, teacher of the princes of Orléans, 1849 bishop there, above all contentious right publicist, but at the same time opponent of the papal infallibility, member of the National Assembly and the Académie française, the sessions of which he absented himself in 1871 after the election of Littré (Meyer, Littré: 1874 and resignation D’s.). Here in connection with “Le Buis” and, on his knees, following with satifaction the flight of the devil “Voltaire” from the boiling holy water font. As above, but Feb. 21, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, General Faidherbe

Faidherbe, Le Général, as “Le Rosier des Batailles”, as which under Gambetta he overtook the command of the French northern forces on Dec. 3, 1870, and fought against von Manteuffel and von Goeben. Previously in Africa, in particular in Algeria, after 1871 member of the National Assembly and in 1880 Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honour. “F. deserved well of geography and ethnologie of northwestern Africa” (Meyers). As above, but Jan. 20, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Jules Favre

Favre, Jules, as spirit over his tomb decorated by “L’Immortelle” with the inscription “CI-GIT cette phrase célèbre d’un Académien ni un pouce de notre territoire ni une pierre de nos forteresses priez Dieu pour le repos de sa conscience”. The wreath of straw flowers with the inscription “Defense de Paris”. As above, but Feb. 10, 1871, and with distich only: Pour l’Académie, il est immortel, Pour le peuple, il est mort … ou presque tel.

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Alfred Le Petit, Jules Ferry

Ferry, Jules, politician, lawyer and journalist, in 1870 successor of Étienne Arago as mayor of Paris, under Thiers prefect of the Seine department, in the National Assembly and the deputy chamber “leader of the republican left, in 1880 Prime Minister, an office he gave up in favour of Gambetta in 1881”, see this. Here as “Le Narcisse” in full figure looking at his mirror (head) image. “Eloquent comme Mirabeau”, “outwards he established a friendlier relation to Germany, with which he partnered to protect the European interests in Egypt and west Africa”. As above, but Jan. 27, 1871. – The broad white left margin weakly brown-spotted.

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Alfred Le Petit, Gambetta

Gambetta, “main speaker of the extreme left” and temporarily dictator, proclaimed 1870 “the deprivation of the throne of Napoleon III and his family on eternal times” and left the besieged Paris shortly afterwards by ballon. Here to the annoyance of the sun as “Le Soleil” walking across the country on stilts, holding in his left “Depéches, Proclamations etc.”. Deep below him a village with the Gallic cock on an extended steeple’s top, quite in front a shepherd. As above, but Jan. 12, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Garibaldi

Garibaldi, Italy’s famous national hero as “Le Laurier” mighty on a small horse, whose piedestal bears the inscription “Au Général Garibaldi, La France reconnaisante”. The acquaintance of La Grande Nation the papist guzzler made in the Vatican state where two French brigades assisted the papal ones in the protection against the intruder. But in 1870 after Gambetta’s, see this, proclamation of the republic he hurried to the latter in Tours. In the war against Germany he run only pitiful interference so that he annoyed the Catholic Frenchmen all the sooner by his Pope hate, whereupon he turned home. As above, but Feb. 15, 1871, and distich only.

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Alfred Le Petit, Grévy

Grévy, M., twice president of the republic (1879/92), out of a “Campanule” and swinging with one of these the then presidial (1871-1873) bell of the National Assembly, a mad house by the shouting left and the retorts of the right. Lawyer by profession he took part in the fights of the July revolution and stayed a “strict republican” for lifetime with strictly neutral guidance of his changing offices. 1876 president of the deputy chamber he became “the head of the moderate republican party” after Thiers’ death. His first election to the president’s office took place with 563 against 99 voices. As above, but June 26, 1871. – Delightful parliamentary plate.

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Alfred Le Petit, Victor Hugo

Hugo, M. Vor, embedded into “L’Églantine”, from whose thicket “Les ch(â)timents” strike the monarch crawling after his crown like lightning. At the same time a Dracula of the underworld reaches out for the crown, too. Hugo’s head, however, up from the eyes a ball of lights. As above, but March 22, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Joigneaux

Joigneaux, M. (P.). The Agronom as “Laitues” with insignias of a meal, i. a. vinegar + oil, a bevy in salad skirts dropping a curtsey to everything. As above, but March 13, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Littré

Littré, M., as “Fleur Desséchée (de la science)” a page of his own Dictionnaire as he was “one of the most versatile scholars of his time who himself incurred the clerical’s embittered hate by his freethinking direction” (Meyers) and after his election for the Académie Dupanloup stayed away from its sessions or withdrew. “1830 he fought with honor on the barricades”. As above, but Feb. 1, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Pouyer-Quertier

Pouyer-Quertier, M., as “La Pomme”, meanwhile he made his fortune with his plain cotton goods factories in Rouen and was Minister of the Finances under Thiers, and “during the peace treaty with Germany (he carried on) with great skill the financial negotiations over the type of the war cost payments, as he also luckily managed the first loan of 2½ billion” (Meyers). As above, but Feb. 28, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Felix Pyat

Pyat, M. Felix, lawyer by profession, he was successful as a radical journalist, thus here as “Le Radis” at the time of the siege of Paris writing his “Le Vengeur” with red ink. Elected for the Paris Commune in 1871 he provoked “as a member of the public welfare committee acts of the brutest vandalism” (Meyers). As above, but Feb. 2, 1871, and thus only a few days before his election for the National Assembly (Feb. 8th), which he did not entered however.

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Alfred Le Petit, Edgar Quinet

Quinet, M. Edgar, the publicist and historian for literature as “La Violette”, compiler/translator of Herders “Ideas on Philosophy …” (1827, 3 vols.), finally belonged “together with Victor Hugo and Louis Blanc to the leaders of the extreme left” (Meyers) in the National Assembly. In the foilage titles of his works and thoughts. As above, but March 9, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Henri Rochefort

Rochefort, Henri (impoverished count of R.-Lucay), journalist, editor of Charivari, Nain jaune, Soleil + Figaro, who dealt by means of his weekly Lanterne “deadly pinpricks to the second Empire” and finally in his L’Intransigeant “insulted every government the most impudent way and agitated for the revenge war (against Germany)” (Meyers). Here in four aging heads as “Le Raisin”, from the leaf base in the second up to the mature end. As above, but Feb. 9, 1871, and with 6liner.

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Alfred Le Petit, Victor Schœlcher

Schœlcher, M. (Victor), republican politician or “Le Haricot rouge”, barricade fighter of 1851, but also author of an esteemed biography on Händel (London 1857) from the time of his emigration to England during the second empire. Finally member of the senate for life. As above, but Feb. 16, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Jules Simon

Simon, M. Jules, the philosopher and politician, moderate republican, anticlerical, opponent to Napoleon III, and finally senator for lifetime as “Le Pois de Senteur” in the window of a mansarde. As above, but Jan. 21, 1871, and 5liner.

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Alfred Le Petit, Thiers

Thiers, M., statesman and historical writer, first lawyer, then journalist however, and finally as Prime Minister (Feb. 17th, thus just a few days after the caricature here as “La Poire”) peace negotiator with Bismarck and president of the Republic the same year, “one of the most important statesmen of France in the 19th century and anyhow the most popular. His doctrine was that of the constitutional system, in which the enlightened, wealthy middle classes saw the best protection of its intellectual and material goods” (Meyers). On a wall board the pear heads of the Duc d’Aumale, Prince de Joinville, Comte de Paris, Duc de Nemours, Duc de Chartres. As above, but Feb. 14, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, Clément Thomas

Thomas, Clément, as “Le Myosotis” in boots and with sword including his mirror image “‘Souvenez vous de moi’ / A dit Clément Thomas le quatre de Septembre (1870, fall of the empire) … .” As above, but Feb. 5, 1871, and 5liner.

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Alfred Le Petit, Pierre Tirard

Tirard, M. P(ierre), goldsmith by profession, he became a politician and Prime Minister in the late ’80s. Since March 18th, thus briefly before the caricature here, temporary member of the Paris Commune he tried in vain to mediate between this and the National Assembly. Here as bristly knight “Le Chardon” at the head of his troops, “Vive la Commune”. As above, but March 30, 1871.

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Alfred Le Petit, General Trochu

Trochu, Le Général, “L’Oeillet”. As defender of Paris, which activity he called a “noble madness”, “his (unaccomplished) plan to break through to the northwest, to Rouen, was not foolish at all”. Already with his writing “L’armée française en 1867” (Paris 1867, 20th ed. 1870) he “uncovered with outrageous frankness all damages of the French army and saw the only healing in the acceptance of the Prussian military system” (Meyers). As above, but Jan. 11, 1871, and 8liner. – Weak to moderately (lower margin and on the back) fox-spotted. Restored tear in the upper margin.

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Alfred Le Petit, Louis Veuillot

Veuillot, M. Louis. The publicist, ultra-orientated to coal, iron, and steel, as “Le Melon”, armored with a Cloche de Rome decorated with tiara and keys, and enlighted by a long altar candle held high like a sword. As above, but March 10, 1871.

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