Delaunay, Sonia (Gradizsk at Poltava, Ukraine, 1885 – Paris 1979). Without Title.


Sonia Delaunay, Without Title

Color silkscreen

Inscribed: SONIA DELAUNAY / MAI 1965 / GALERIE SCHÜTZE BAD GODESBERG. 53.4 × 39.2 and 70 × 49.9 cm (21 × 15⅜ and 27½ × 19⅝ in) resp.

AKL XXV (2000), 395. – The versatile Sonia/Sophie Delaunay-Terk (née Sarah Stern, 1890 accomodated as orphan by Henri Terk, a maternal uncle and attorney in St. Petersburg, and raised by the couple Terk till her becoming full aged) was painter, decorator, placard artist, couturière, and designer.

“ Under the impression of … Julius Meier-Graefe and his (Treatise on the History of the Development of Modern Art [1904]) D. moves to Paris in 1905 … and becomes aware of the painting of Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and finally that by the Fauves. From Gauguin she takes over the black lines enclosing forms and colors, dispenses with details and paints large-flat in even colors … from van Gogh she appropriates the strong color contrasts based on the complementary contrast … Her first fauvistic works are close to German painting, especially the Brücke [Bridge] artists. The meeting with Robert D. 1909 and finally the marriage with him (Oct. 15, 1910) led to a change in her painting; she dispenses with the enhancements of outlines and forms the light so that it refracts on the objects and takes part in the development of a new artistic expression based on the contrast of colors … ”

(Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon).

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