“ Epic Hymn to Labor ”

Millet’s Gleaners from 1857

here condensed

in the straightforward black & white of the woodcut

Koning, Dirk (Groot-Schermer 1888 – Blaricum 1978). The Gleaners. Two stooping peasant women to the right before four grain stacks. Woodcut. C. 1920. Inscribed: in the stock with the monogram DK and autographed in ink: DKoning. 7⅛ × 9⅞ in (18.2 × 25 cm).

Dirk Koning, Gleaners

Vollmer III, 94; van Waay 66. – On China mounted at the corners. – Koning was pupil of Jaap Weyand, later furthered by Fauconnier + Piet van Wijngaerdt. Active as figure, flower, and landscape painter, in the 50s i. a. in Altkloster near Buxtehude, and married with the painter and etcher Louise Marie Louber. – Backed tiny tear in the white lower margin.

Picking up in reverse the two stooping women of the revolutionary Gleaners from 1857 by which Jean François Millet – although ahead of his time – introduced a new repertory to future generations of artists:

Jean François Millet, Gleaners
Jean François Millet, The Gleaners (Musée d’Orsay)

“ (Millet’s painting introduced) imposing new presences in the repertory of mid-century art, with endless progeny in city and country. Daumier’s and Degas’s laundresses, and even more so Caillebotte’s floor-scrapers, are almost inconceivable without Millet’s epic hymn to labor ”

(Robert Rosenblum, Paintings in the Musée d’Orsay [1989], p. 90).

Here then 60 years later

in the straightforward black & white of the woodcut

as utmost compaction .

“ … in Barbizon … (Millet) discovers the magic mood of the broad acres and steaming fields, which will become the grave foil for his sowers and plowmen, his lumberjacks and wood gatherers, his shepherds and gleaners ”

(Hans Vollmer, Thieme-Becker XXIV [1930], p. 567).

Offer no. 16,200 | EUR 168. (c. US$ 203.) + shipping

Dirk Koning, Gleaners

– – The same in not quite so deep black. – Mounted only at both the upper corners with slight diagonal fold in the subject’s upper margin. – ON THE BACK of the mounting carton torso of a watercolored construction sketch for a wrought-iron window-grate.

Offer no. 16,201 | EUR 159. (c. US$ 192.) + shipping

Dirk Koning, Gleaners

– – The same in also not quite so deep black and mounted completely on somewhat smudgy, on the back slightly spotted carton.

Offer no. 16,202 | EUR 148. (c. US$ 179.) + shipping

Dirk Koning, Gleaners

– – The same in also not quite so deep black, all-around fixed on the mounting carton, the back of which with autographed sketching lines. – In the white lower margin traces of printer’s ink.

Offer no. 16,203 | EUR 148. (c. US$ 179.) + shipping

„ Ihr Jubiläumskatalog ist, wie überhaupt alle Ihre Kataloge, wieder in jeder Hinsicht anregend. Denn ‚niemeyer’s‘ ist, anders als es Curd Jürgens besang, nicht ‚… 60 Jahre und kein bißchen weise …‘, sondern weise und zugleich mutig genug, sich agenturgestalteter Hochglanzkataloge zu verweigern und stattdessen etwas herauszugeben, das fast schon eine eigene Kunst-Literatur-Gattung darstellt – informativ, unterhaltend, lehrreich, sprachlich prickelnd, angereichert mit (kunst)historischen und aktuellen Zitaten und Bonmots. Es ist ein Erlebnis, darin zu stöbern “

(Herr P. D., 27. Januar 2019)