George Morland, Inside of a Country Ale House

Morland, George (1763 London 1804). Inside of a Country Ale House. The squire with his hounds behind the supposedly empty mug porter – a foaming new one just brought by the girl – looking up to the incoming waggoner presenting a strong hare. Sitting on the side by the window another man, holding between his knees a child pointing at the dogs. Mezzotint printed in colors by William Ward I (1766 London 1826). 1797. Sheet size 17½ × 21⅝ in (44.5 × 54.9 cm).

Richardson p. 153; Collection of Morland prints in the British Museum section 2, portfolio VIII, 32 ( “fine” ); Mellon, Prints, 24. – Not in Nagler’s Ward enumeration.

The works by William Ward (“one of the best English mezzotint engravers”, Maedebach 1975 in Cat. 5 of the collections of Veste Coburg) are distinguished by a special truth to nature. Completely under the influence of his brother-in-law Morland, they became his best plates. And among these especially those of the graceful pastoral scenes.

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