“ Complete hardly ever occurring ”

Boel, Pieter (Antwerp 1622 – Paris 1674). Wild ducks and bittern by a pond. Nearby a round tower half hidden by leaf-wood. Vis-à-vis a scant scenery of hills. Etching. Inscribed: P. B. F., but here to read as B. P F. 6¼ × 9⅛ in (16 × 23.2 cm).

Pieter Boel, Wild Ducks and Bittern by a Pond

Bartsch + Wurzbach 5; Nagler, Monogramists, IV, 2831 (“Bartsch not noticed the letters”). – Sheet 5 of the “Complete hardly ever occurring (6-sheet) set” (Cat. Davidsohn 677 with the complete copy formerly in the Sträter collection) of birds of prey, “Diversi ucelli”, of which Nagler mentions the Rigal copy. In Schwerdt only the first sheet with the title (III, 37) and also here even individual leaves are missing in a multitude of catalogs of well-known old master collections formed in 19/20th centuries up to that of the immense Weigel stock (parts I-XXVIII, 1838/57) with its well over 20,000 items. In the latter only the second suite of wild birds Wurzbach 9-14.

Later impression without the number on typographically watermarked laid paper with margins 2.7-5.5 cm wide. In respect of the virtual non-occurrence nonetheless not only thematically, rather also artistically-intellectually appealing in its Boel-specific modernity from more than 300 years back.

The rare Boel is “one of the most skillful animal painters … For good reason one considers him a pupil (of Frans Snyders’) … He has etched in copper, too, and delivered by his sheets masterworks which deserve the admiration of the artists and connoisseurs. They are rare …” (Nagler, 1835!).

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„ Gerne kaufe ich den (1573er) Band … “ & „ Das Buch ist angekommen – wunderschön ! “

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