“ … an important part

of the pictorial record of the time ”

Le Prince, Jean Baptiste (Metz 1734 – St. Denis du Port 1781). La diseuse de bonne Avanture. Old fortune-teller in tent ambience figuratively busied reading coming luck from the hands of a young Votyak (Udmurdi) girl in the painterly costume of her tribe. Etching with aquatint. Inscribed: Le Prince 1764., otherwise as above & caption. 8⅞ × 7 in (22.5 × 17.7 cm).

Plate 2 supposedly from the 8-sheet set Nagler 9, Divers amusements et usages de Russie, drawn by Le Prince from nature during his stay in Russia 1758-1763. – The caption identifying the Votyaks incorrectly as Siberian people (“La fille … est habillée a la maniere des Votiacks peuple de Siberie”). – Caption and wide white margin slightly foxed. – Typographical watermark.

Jean Baptiste Le Prince, La diseuse de bonne Avanture

“ Foreign artists visited Russia as well and in 1757 the Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Le Prince toured to Finland, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. His prints of Russian people published a few years later constitute

an important part of the pictorial record of the time “

(Karen F. Beall, Kaufrufe und Straßenhändler / Cries and Itinerant Trades, 1975, page 485).

Early example of the use of aquatint the invention of which in 1768 (sic!) was commonly attributed to Le Prince. This seems to be dated due to an emerged sheet by Charpentier from 1756. Generally the experiments were ultimately in the air here, too. So Waldow, Illustr. Encyclopädie der graph. Künste, Leipsic 1884, regarded Johann Adam Schweikard’s (1722 Nuremberg 1787) endeavors in this connection 1759 as “first still imperfect attempts in this manner”.

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