“ … an important part

of the pictorial record of the time ”

Le Prince, Jean Baptiste (Metz 1734 – St. Denis du Port 1781). Le Remouleur. The knife-grinder sharpening the ax of the carpenters. These themselves joining together the trunks for a blockhouse. Etching. (1767/68.) 6⅜ × 7¼ in (16.2 × 18.4 cm).

Beall as addition to R 4, not in series. – On snow-white especially strong watermarked laid paper.

Jean Baptiste Le Prince, Remouleur

“ No pictorial record is known of these fociferous people (the Russian cries operating since the 16th century) until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when English, French, German, and Russian artists all turned their attention to the city’s hawkers …

“ Foreign artists visited Russia as well and in 1757 the Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Le Prince toured to Finland, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. His prints of Russian people published a few years later constitute

an important part of the pictorial record of the time ”

(Beall pp. 484 f.). – With caption:

“ La Hache est le seul instrument dont se servent les Paysans et les Charpentiers pour construire entirement une maison de bois. ”

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„ mein Besuch gestern in Padingbüttel hat mir Freude bereitet. Die bei dieser Gelegenheit erworbenen (Ridinger-)Blätter sind eine Bereicherung meiner Sammlung. Ich beginne nunmehr mit der Erfassung in meiner Datenbank und bitte Sie, mir eine möglichst hoch auflösende Bilddatei der Eisbären zusenden. Vielen Dank “

(Herr M. T., 26. März 2014)