Paulus Potter, A Group of Horses

Potter, Paulus (Enkhuizen 1625 – Amsterdam 1654). A Group of Cattle (3 plus a sheep) with the Pissing Cow / A Group of Horses (4) with the Farmer and his Dog. On the horizon a mill and a steeple resp. on the right. 2 sheet. Etchings with rich aquatint by Johann Heinrich Tischbein II (Haina, Hassia, 1742 – Cassel 1808). (1787.) 7⅝-7¾ × 10-10¾ in (19.3-19.7 × 25.4-27.3 cm).

Paulus Potter, A group of Cattle

Nagler, Tischbein, 24 and probably 30. – Plates 1 and 2 of the 1827 Tischbein set Nagler 45 as a compilation mounted in points of throughout old till earlier impressions. – Trimmed on or within the white platemark. – Sheet 1 with ignorable slight water stains in the upper right. – From the collection of the legendary railway king Dr. Strousberg, Berlin.

THE FINE PENDANTS – reckoned by Nagler (1848)

among the most exquisite sheets by Tischbein

– “from the famous painting … in the Electoral Gallery at Cassel … (called) the Pissing Cow“. – Tischbein, court painter of the Landgrave of Hesse, was inspector of just this, most famous for the splendid collection of Dutch paintings.

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