Anna Elisabeth Buirette of Oehlefeld

“ The Large Portrait of Anna Buirette of Oehlefeldt ”

Oehlefeld – Vogel, Bernhard (Nuremberg 1683 – Augsburg 1737). … Lady Anna Elisabetha born and married Bvirette von Oehlefeldt (1704-1728). is born in Nuremberg … and passed away there. … The daughter of Johann Wilhelm Buirette von Oehlefeld on Wilhelmsdorf and spouse of Isaac Daniel von Oehlefeld, sitting on a stone bench before a draped wall with roses in her hands and carnation and marguerite on her lap. Half-length portrait with craped alliance coat of arms below crown. Mezzotint after Georges Desmarées (des Marées; Gimo [Uppland/Sweden] 1697 – Munich 1776). Inscribed: Georgius de Marees pinxit. / Bernardus Vogel sculps. Aug. Vind., otherwise in German as above. 20⅛ × 13⅝ in (51.2 × 34.7 cm).

Mortzfeld A 3131; Diepenbroick 4096. – Not in Le Blanc & Nagler. – The back faintly foxstippled and browned resp. noticeably on recto only in the 7 mm wide white margin. Of two closed little tears in the right margin only one extending minimally into the subject. – The same-sized portait of Johann Noa Buirette von Oehlefeld (1682-1728) on Wilhelmsdorff available here.

“ (O)utstanding especially by his use of colors …

(Desmarées) is regarded as the most important portrait painter of German rococo ”

(Laurentius Koch in Neue Deutsche Biographie XVI [1990], pp. 143 ff. [online version]).

“ 1710-24 apprenticeship and assistant in Stockholm with Martin van Meytens I from whom he acquired the international style of portraits, guided by Hyacinthe Rigaud and Nicolas de Largillière … 1724 a study tour induced by the Swedish court lead D. via Amsterdam (studies of Netherlandish painters, i. a. Rembrandt) to Nuremberg where he … met Johann Kupezky. 1725 D. travels via Augsburg, Munich and Innsbruck with a stopover in Rome to Venice … 1727/28 again in Nuremberg, then Augsburg. In both cities he created numerous portraits of patricians, which mostly survived in engravings only … The tonal values of the material qualities and the direction of light occasionally show almost impressionistic traits and remain mostly unmatched by contemporaries … The full extent of D.s œuvre can hardly be assessed since much in Southern German private estate has not been researched yet … Beside Antoine Pesne and Louis de Silvestre D. belongs to the typical foreign court painters, but takes a leading position particularly acknowledged by contemp. literature ”

(id. in Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon XXVI [2000], p. 393).

Main work by Vogel from his time in Augsburg in the first state before the later modifications on face, hair and bosom

in adequately splendid impression of marvelous velvety chiaroscuro

as for the rare and tender velvety mezzotints – already in 1675 the expert Sandrart numbered “clean impressions” at just about “50 or 60” – of highest desirability :

“ His mezzotints belong to the best of the time then. P. v. Stetten says about him he were ‘one of the most powerful in mezzotint in Germany’ … Among the later portraits

the large portrait of Anna Buirette of Oehlefeldt

stands out … by the sure command of the means ” (Thieme-Becker XXXIV, 475 ff., V).

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