Johann Christian Reinhart, Landscape with the Hunter and the Two Hounds

Reinhart, Johann Christian (Hof 1761 – Rome 1847). The Landscape with the Hunter and the Two Hounds. On dominating tree-covered rock plateau from which the vista leads far into the country. Etching. Inscribed left below the subject: C Reinhart Romæ 1815. 8 × 10⅝ in (20.3 × 27.1 cm).


J. E. Wetterauer

oldmaster prints and drawings
his smaller round monogram stamp in black verso
(Lugt 4267, after 2000, in use for but a few months)
along with inventory no. 3667

Andresen-Feuchtmayer 128, II (of III); Feuchtmayer ills. 431; Nagler 50. – Closing plate of the 6-sheet set of landscapes dated in the lower margin with 1805, 1810 + 1815, “one of which with the legend of Saint Hubert” (Nagler 50-55; Weigel, Art Stock Cat., IV [1837], 5327 [impressions on toned paper]).

Very fine impression with 3-7 mm margin on three sides – lower left just below the platemark – on toned vélin. – Feeble brown spots on the back not showing through to the subject, a faint tidemark on the right margin here quite minimally perceptible.

“ R.s early development in Germany, auspiciously directed by Klengel, fully unfolded in Meiningen, shows an

enormous freshness and freedom of perception of nature ,

especially in drawing and etching. Here he belongs to the most important discoverers of the intimate, closely seen landscape, to the liberators of a new real vision from the fetters of Dutch tradition in Germany. This refreshing originality of observation still lasts in the first Roman time … indeed only there his liveliest animal etchings were created which place him at the side of the revivers of animal depiction … and point far into the 19th century. Also his early pastoral scenes in Rome with their beautiful fusion of naturalism and bold spaciousness are aglow with the powerful experience of nature at Meiningen … ”

“ A great lover of the hunt he liked to furnish his landscapes with animals … ”

(Thieme-Becker XXVIII [1934], p. 126, and Richard Muther in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie [XXVIII, 1889, p. 75]) resp.

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