Épreuve  de  Luxe  on  Silk

Voget – Quinkhard, Jan Mauritz (Rees near Cleve 1688 – Amsterdam 1772). Albertus Voget (theologian, Bremen 1695 – Utrecht 1771, since 1735 professorship there). Half-length portrait with ornamentally decorated margins after the painting of c. 1750 in the Utrecht University’s Senaatszaal. Engraving by Pieter Tanjé (Bolsward, Frisia, 1706 – Amsterdam 1761) for N. v. Vucht, G. Thieme + A. v. Paddenburg. 1754. Inscribed: J. M. Quinkhard Pinx. / P. Tanjé sculps. / N. v. Vucht, G. T. et A. v. Paddenburg, Excuderunt. 13¼ × 9⅝ in (33.6 × 24.3 cm).

Nagler 30 + Wurzbach 55, both Tanjé. – Gorissen 100 honours Quinkhard as the “important portrait painter” as which the work here shows him, too. – Six-liner in Latin + Dutch:

Jan Mauritz Quinkhard, Albertus Voget

“ ALBERTUS VOGET / SS. Theologiæ Doctor et Professor.

“ En Tibi praeclari vultumque habitumque Vogeti / Vivaci artificis Seripsit in aere menus. / O utinam mentis potuisset et addere dotes! / Jnmensi pretii parva tabelli foret. Docta tamen Pietaa alia Sub imagine pingi, / Auct alio mollet Candor in ore legi. / J. de Rhoer.

“ Kon Quinkhards Kunst-pinceel iet van den omtrek geven / Van Vogets grooten geest; Gy zaagt in dit taf’reel / Geleertheit tabaarts waard; gy zaagt het schoonste deel / Des schrand’ren Bybel-tolks getroffen naar het leven: / Schiet hier de Kunst te kort, ontfang noch van heur hant / Dit Wezen, van s’Mans Geest een zeker ondervant. / S. H. Manger. ”

Silk  copy

of this fine plate of one “ of the most excellent Netherlandish engravers ” (Nagler) and as such of absolute rarity :

“ For  broadsheets , portraits  of  princely  personages  etc.
here  and  there  white  silk
had  been  used  instead  of  paper ”

(Bogeng in Lexikon des gesamten Buchwesens III [1937], 269). – Evenly feebly browned.

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