One of the “ Most Excellent Works ” of Daullé’s

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Gabriel Metsu, Riboteuse Hollandoise

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Of course , a Charming Dutch

Metsu, Gabriel (Leiden 1629 – Amsterdam 1667). La Riboteuse Hollandoise. Young lady as charming drinker. While holding the open wine jug with the left her right with glass pushes against a half-full bottle of Genever on the table covered with richly embroidered tablecloth, besides of which a long pipe lies. Etching with engraving by Jean Daullé (Abbeville 1703 – Paris 1763). Inscribed: Peint par Metsu / gravé par Daullé gravr. du Roi 1761. / Du Cabinet de Monsieur Peilhon Secretaire du Roi. / A Amsterdam, chez Pierre Fouquet Junior., otherwise as above. 16⅝ × 11¾ in (42.1 × 29.7 cm).

Nagler IX, 198 + III, 283; AKL XXIV [2000], 380. – Typographic watermark. – Classified by Nagler as being one of Daullé’s “most excellent works”.

“ … in Paris (Daullé becomes) pupil of Robert Hecquet … By a portrait of the Comtesse de Feuquières (1735, after Pierre Mignard) Hyacinthe Rigaud becomes aware of D., prefers him as against Drevet and chooses him as his permanent engraver. (Marries) 1737 Gabrielle-Anne Landry, the daughter of the engraver and publisher François Landry, in presence of Rigaud, François Boucher, R. Hecquet, Jean and Pierre-Jean Mariette, Laurent Cars, Michel-Guillaume Aubert, and other important persons … Although D. enjoys high esteem in his special line, the portrait, (86 of 177 works are portraits) he eventually turns to genre and historic representations … 1752/53 contributing five very high-quality sheet to La Gal. de Dresde … 1757 appointed engraver of the Augsburg Academy. After 1759 D. asks art collectors, as e.g. Alexandre Joseph de La Popelinière, Damery, the Marquise de Pompadour, the royal secretary Peilhon, and the painter Jean-François Peters for the permission to engrave after their most important paintings; the motifs interpreted by him (landscapes, hunt, historic, and genre scenes, allegories) and artists are very different; he prefers i. a. Francesco Albani, Carracci, Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, Antoine Lenain, Gabriel Metsu, Jan Miel, Pierre Patel, Nicolas Poussin, David Teniers II, Adam Frans van der Meulen, and Joseph Vernet. This part of D.’s œuvre was discussed quite critically sometimes although it comprises remarkable works … Both in the portrait and the genre subject, especially for etched parts, D. occasionally calls on support, in particular by his friend Johann Georg Wille, by Jacques Dumont and Georg Friedrich Schmidt … In the inventory of his estate beside drawings and books there are 81 copper plates recorded, of which Jacques-François Chéreau purchases some between 1770 and 1778 ”

(Véronique Meyer, AKL).

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