Woodward, George Moutard (“Mustard George”, Derbyshire about 1760 – London 1809). Steward. – Footman. On the left the tenant before the steward. On the wall “Survey of the Estate”, on the bookshelf the “List of Tenants”, on the table beside ink-pot with pens rental list. On the right dressed up fop with bouquet before the mirror, drastically commented by the servants. Colored etching. Inscribed: Woodward del., otherwise as above and below resp. 7⅛ × 9¼ in (18 × 23.4 cm).

George Moutard Woodward, Steward - Footman

“ Donna look so Glum your Honor – I would pay my Rent un I could but consider whata Nation bad pay time it has been ”

“ This I think will strike the Female Villager, the dear smiling rogues will never be able to resist the little Jenny Seequy of my dress and manners ”

“ The house will be turned topsy turvy by these Lunneners ”

“ Nan did’st ever see such a conceited Monkey! old Jack the Baboon is a fool to um!! ”

On light grey toned laid paper. – Above right by old hand “Taf. XVII.”. – Of two utterly smoothed out vertical folds only one perceptible in the red coat of the fop and here and there tiny brown spots. In the right white margin tear reaching up to the edge of the subject, professionally done by old.

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