Aert van der Neer, River Landscape by Moonlight

Neer, Aert van der (Gorinchem 1604 – Amsterdam 1677). River Landscape by Moonlight. With several ships among which – just in front – fishing boat. On both sides a village. Aquatint printed in brown by Cornelis Apostool (1762 Amsterdam 1844). Inscribed: AV DN (in the subject below right) / A. Vander Neer. / C. Apostool. / Published Novr. 1792. 8⅛ × 10⅜ in (20.7 × 26.4 cm).

In reverse to Schulz 540 (“Authentic”, 18⅛ × 27⅜ in [46 × 69.5 cm], on panel, color plate 44 + ills. 205), in those days in the possession of Mr. Broderip. – Rare  sheet . – The wide plate (below and right only a little) and paper margins weakly, but throughout foxing. – Enclosed accompanying text sheet:

“ … Moon-shine and Winter Scenes seem to have been the favourite subjects … both of which he represented with more truth than any other painter, diffusing the effect of Night with singular judgment. His views were mostly upon canals, which he decorated with boats, cottages, etc. His figures are well drawn, and judiciously disposed … The effect of Moon-light upon the clouds, water, etc. he represented with such truth, that every connoisseur must be his admirer … ”

And Bernt (Die niederländischen Maler des 17. Jahrhunderts, vol 2 [3rd ed., 1969]) summing up:

“ Motifs from the Amsterdam river and channel landscapes by moonlight are composed freely and are distinguished by an

especially poetical sympathetic understanding of nature

and solution of the problem of light; they always convey the impression of greatest naturalness … ”

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of the collections Maas – Fürstenberg (?) – Zingel

„ vielen Dank für die Information und die Zusendung der Broschüre … Ich sammele seit Jahren Galeriewerke … Mir ist die Seltenheit des ‚Cabinet du roi‘ und auch die ensprechende Qualtät des angebotenen (fantastischen) Bandes bewußt … “

(Herr M. S., 23. Mai 2015)