Painterly Homage to the Willow

Ekeman Allesson, Lorenz (Malmö 1790/91 – Stuttgart 1828). Weeping Willow. Painterly in full height at the village pond, neighbored to a topped willow. Laterally set back furthermore property, the front house of which with cathead with pulley & rope at the gable. Crayon lithograph. (1819.) Inscribed: L. Ekeman del. / 22. 12⅝ × 8⅞ in (32 × 22.6 cm).

Lorenz Ekeman Allesson, Weeping Willow

Winkler 11/22. – INCUNABULUM OF LITHOGRAPHY on vélin as invented about 1750 by Baskerville and also produced in Germany since 1783, on which “a much finer impression (could) be achieved than on laid” (paper; Löffler-Kirchner III, 486). – SPLENDID SHEET.

Come to Germany with his mother in 1806 and here to a manor near Jena, Ekeman first devoted himself to agriculture, to turn to the arts after the Napoleonic Wars with educational stations Augsburg , Munich & Vienna. Already in 1821 he was appointed professor and director of the newly founded Royal Lithographic Institute in Stuttgart. Nagler (1837) emphasized his “decided talent for the subject of landscape … his landscapes after famous masters (are) excellent”, here, however, a work of his own and therefore one of the especially desirable examples of his artistic qualities.

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„ im Internet habe ich in Ihrem Katalog das vorgenannte Werkverzeichnis … gefunden …

Mit Interesse habe ich auch Ihren offenen Brief an die Herausgeber der Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung vom 24.7.2003 gelesen, zumal ich (bei früherer Gelegenheit) … mir … von der Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung den Vorwurf des ‚Kulturglobalisten‘ gefallen lassen mußte … “

(Herr A. G., 8. Dezember 2003)