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Königssee — Obersee — Fischunkel Alp

Viehbeck, Carl Ludwig Friedrich (Niederhausen, Franconia, 1769 – Vienna 1827). Obersee and Fischunkel Alp in the Berchtesgaden National Park below the Röthbach Fall as Germany’s highest waterfall. View from the south across the alp with the still original well-known blockhouse, burnt down 1840 and then rebuilt – “popular excursion destination for tourists after a boat trip on the Königssee … embedded in an impressive alpine landscape” (Wikipedia) – and a log cabin not far to the left of this across the lake at the Watzmann with the Hachelkopf in front. In the foreground rich livestock accessory of cattle & sheep, also goats, and shepherdess & milk girl. Etching in outline by Carl Heinrich Rahl (Hoffenheim/Baden 1779 – Vienna 1843). (1815.) 18⅛ × 21½ in (46 × 54.5 cm).

Carl Ludwig Friedrich Viehbeck, Obersee and Fischunkel Alp near Berchtesgaden

Small watermark. – In the wide white lower platemark inscribed by old (original?) hand in pencil in German: The Fischungl Alpe in Berchtesgaden. – Two backed small margin tears. – After captain Viehbeck who made

“ as draughtsman a laudable name for himself. We owe to him a cycle of picturesque views of the Austrian monarchy in watercolor, etched by famous artists at Vienna in 1820 and published colored ”

(Nagler XX [1850], 229).

In contrast to those with just about 6⅞ × 10¼ in (17.5 × 26 cm) considerably smaller-sized sheets (published both with and without topographic designations) here, however, present from the

by far rarer earlier ,

besides visibly larger-sized edition

of these beautiful sheets drawn from nature. Apparently published in numbers, here only in the British Library a with just 3 sheet besides incomplete [Series of 4 Views of] Salzburg von der Nord-Seite, Hallstadt, [the] Kapuziner Berg bey Salzburg, [and the] Fischungl Alpe am Obersee, etched by Jakob Gauermann and Carl Rahl, is ascertainable (Cartographic Items Maps 28327.[3.]). Nagler knew – see below – at least one further motif in the large format. Subject to a lack of stated measurements in the Austrian National Library’s catalog 16 sheet might have been published in all. However, trifling deviations in detail reveal at least that of present Obersee there are no less than 4 (!) copies of the later smaller edition, but only one of the large one (colored; Pk 217, 90). The one here yet besides in the

impression still before any letter & coloring

in its delicately differentiating original black .

By this, however, in its full plate format enclosed by fine margin as against the color version usually trimmed to plain image format of just about 14⅛ × 21¼ in (36 × 54 cm) the most.

Engraved by Carl Rahl father, whom Nagler calls as start to the article on the historical painter and son of the same name a “famous engraver” and mentions per Viehbeck in conclusion “C. Rahl engraved large views of Hallstadt and Attrosee (recte supposedly rather the Abersee, i. e. Wolfgangsee, than the Attersee), two inland lakes in the mountains”, for the latter supposedly including present Obersee. And also Thieme-Becker (XXVII [1933], 571) note: “went to Vienna 1799, where he made his mark as reproduction engraver”. In such a manner 1815 he advanced to member of the academy, 1829 chamber engraver, and 1840 professor at the academy. Known and esteemed not least as Hogarth copy engraver, too, as who he is available here in always good selection.

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(Herr A. G., 8. Dezember 2003)